I am a web developer and teacher residing in Ottawa, ON. I have a passion for learning, which fuels my desire to teach others.

Who am I?

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I am a Developer

With over 10 years of professional experience, I know how to create websites that function across multiple devices using the various technologies.

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I am a Teacher

Starting in January 2016, I began sharing my knowledge with others through teaching web development at Algonquin College. I teach courses in introductory JavaScript and PHP.

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I am a Father

I became a father in March of 2014 and two more times in June of 2015. I am proud to be a father of three little ones, even if they drive me a little a crazy.

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I am an Introvert

Yes, I am introverted. I am also focused, self-aware, self-motivated, self-sufficent, detail oriented, and independent. What I am NOT is a anti-social, nutty hermit.

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I am a former Runner

In a past life, I use to be an avid runner. It is not an activity I would say I enjoyed, but one that I endured. One day soon, I will start running again.

What have I done?


A React Native project developed for the Udacity React Nanodegree.


A React & Redux project developed for the Udacity React Nanodegree.


A React project developed for the Udacity React Nanodegree.

Conservative Party of Canada

A Wordpress site built with a custom theme and plugins for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Campus Conservatives

A Grav CMS site for receiving and managing student applications for Campus Conservative.