2021 Project #1

It's a brand new website, complete with a blog.

So, it has been on my to-do list for a while to complete rebuilt my personal website. While the old website was built on Jekyll (opens new window), I knew I wanted my new website to be built on something a little more modern. My original plan was to build the site using Vue 3 (opens new window). But after I decided I wanted to incorporate a blog, I settled on VuePress (opens new window) instead.

I had prior experience with VuePress when I created the IMDAC (opens new window) website. Although that site was built using VuePress 0.14 and still uses it today, I hope to move the site to the latest version of VuePress soon. But for now, I am using my personal website as a test run.

My website's design has remained pretty much the same, except for the project section and the blog, of course. Although the site is built on VuePress, it is using a completely custom theme. It was exciting to see what was possible with VuePress, and I look forward to expanding on the foundation I have built.

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