The Internet is truly amazing! An entire vast wealth of knowledge right at our figures tips. What is more the Internet is open to everyone to share their ideas and knowledge. These creators of content, the bloggers, podcasters, Wikipedia editors, YouTube stars, and soccer moms posting baby photos, are not given enough credit and thanks for what they do to expand and preserve the knowledge of the human race.

So, let credit be given where credit is due by saying, “Thank you.”

But, now I must ask for forgiveness. For, although I have spent the better part of my life in the study of web development and design, I have created astonishingly little content of my own. I am all but absent on social networks, I have shared only a handful of YouTube videos, and I am not what you would call an avid blogger. But oh, how I consume.

Blogs, news, videos, pictures, instructions, and shopping just to name a few of the activities have done TODAY on the Internet. Like so many others I would not be able to survive without a connection to the World Wide Web. This constant, daily obsession with the endless amount of information found on the web has create quite a bit of Digital Debt.

I am quite familiar with debt, and if you could see my student loans you would know why. I do no like the idea of having the dark cloud of debt hovering over my head, and while there not much I can do about my student loans (I will be paying those off until the day I die), I can do something about my Digital Debt.

This website and this blog are the first step to paying back my debt to society. I highly doubt I could reply my debt in full, but never let it be said that I didn’t try.