I first heard about Angular around the time that Google took the project under its wing. At the time I was neck high in jQuery development, and I believed I didn’t have time to learn something new. So, I ignored it. When my coworkers ranted about how amazing it was and how quickly they were able to build a website. I gave Angular it look. I immediately had concerns with it two-way binding and non-standard HTML directives, as being inefficient and an unnecessary load on the browser, and I believed that I could do everything I needed with jQuery. So, I ignored it again. Let me be the first to say that this was a mistake. A huge mistake.

Today, Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there. It is deemed a necessary skill for any web developer right up there with HTML5 and responsive web design. So very late to the game, I swallowed my pride and set out to be an Angular expert. But where to start.

In the past, I was fortunate enough to have access to an Lynda.com and Team Treehouse accounts, and there a few instructional videos that involved Angular. Unfortunately, they all involved the watching the instructor in real time build a quiz, address book, or gallery. While these practical examples seem good in theory, a video of someone else coding is painful to watch. To add insult to injury, they don’t spend a lot of time on Angular itself. So, left bored, hurt, and none the wiser.

Then I tried Code School’s Shaping Up with Angular. It was free, and is actually the recommended tutorial by Angular Site. This course took a very different approach then others. It starts off with a very catchy theme song (I will admit that I rewound the video a couple of times just to listen to the song.), and then explained that you are building a store for the Flatlanders. But instead of going in painstaking details on how to write every part of the GemStore course focused only on the parts related to Angular, and at no point was there a screen shot of the instructor coding. After each core Angular concept is a explained, it gives you chance to practicing what you just learned in a coding challenges.

The entire course took me about two hours to complete. While I would not consider myself an Angular expert, Shaping Up with Angular defining helped me get in shape with Angular.